Mobile Learning

K-12 Learning Options

1. Dreamweaver (developing/testing) (

What is this? Dreamweaver is development software for creating applications and webpages (editor for HTML and Javascript)

How can it be used? Dreamweaver can be used to allow students to create their own webpages and begin to learn the basic process of website editing and the creation of mobile applications.

2. PhoneGap (Mobile application creator) (

What is this? PhoneGap is an open source development framework for building applications that work on multiple platforms (Apple, Blackberry, Android ect.)

How can it be used? Students can use PhoneGap to create their own applications. Students and teachers can use this program to create learning applications.  The variety of applications that can be created for learning are endless.

3.  Mobl21 (

What is this? Mobl21 is a type of assessment/preparation learning tool which allows students and teachers to create flash cards, study guides, and quizzes that work on a variety of different platforms

How can it be used? This mobile learning device allows students to learn or study on the go using the device of their choice. Teachers can monitor how much learning (or not) is taking place; this allows a teacher to know what content needed to be reviewed more.

4. LearnCast (

What is this? LearnCast is a mobile learning solution which allows teachers to fully put their courses online and their students to do their coursework using any device.

How can this be used? Teachers can use LearnCast as a platform to put their class content online, monitor work, grades, and send notifications to students. Teachers can incorporate materials from other teachers/authors to improve lessons and content for students. LearnCast provides multiple learning opportunities for students; from resources, quizzes, and lessons - students are able to learn on their own time on various devices.

5. Videolicious (

What is this? Videolicious allows users to use various different mobile devices to create their own videos with sound. Clips can be used to tell a story or a video can be shot. Basically, you take your video, tell your story, and add sound. It's a very easy app to use.  

How can it be used?  Videolicious is an app that allows student to create their own videos and can be used for a variety of different purposes. For example, students can  create videos of themselves and videos of others. This allows students access to video editing technology and allows them to practice using multimedia for various reasons.

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