Sofia's Journey

By Taylah Reeves

Secrets in the fire is in memory of Maria Alface and this is about her sister Sofia who survived

Sofia- Sofia is a little girl who has a sister and they look very alike, she gets her legs blown off and her sister doesn't live from then and her mother meets a man who abuses sofia so she leaves to the city and stays there and learns how to use a sewing machine

Maria- Maria is Sofias sister and sofia made Maria a white dress and Maria didnt make it through the land mine explosion and she comes back in sofia's dreams

Lydia- Lydia is mother of Sofia, Maria, Alfredo, Fuastino she works in the fields with Sofia and Maria and the other women. She met a man who abused Sofia after she got home with fake legs. She found Sofia and took her to MAria's grave and asked her to come home soon.

Totio- Totio is a man who has a sewing machine and makes the white dress for Sofia who stole the material from Jose-Maria. At the end also wants to give Sofia his hut and sewing machine.

  • Bandits came and made Sofia and Family leave
  • Saw the ocean
  • found new village with a white priest
  • was walking and went off track and stood on a land mine
  • maria didn't make it through her injuries
  • sofia had to leave home because of Lydia's new boyfriend
  • found Dr.Raul and stayed with him for a week
  • went and stayed with Dr.Raul's Guards sister
  • Got a sewing job in a house full of birds
  • Lydia came and took Sofia to Maria's Grave
  • Lydia asked Sofia to come home
  • Totio asked Sofia to take over his hut and sewing machine
  • Sofia accepted and went and took it over about a month later
  • Sofia met a little boy who Totio asked to supervise the sewing machine at night

Emotional Journey

Sofia would be grieving about her dad and mad at the bandits who killed him

Sofia would be mad at the fact she forgot about the land mines and grieving about loosing Maria through it because she pretty much is the reason she is gone

Sofia would be mad at her self for stepping on the land mine and having fake legs

she would be happy that she saw lydia when she woke up

she was happy when she saw totio

she was happy when she met the little boy

Spiritual Journey

She saw her whole life in the fire Muezena was talking about

She just didnt know all of the details

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