My Civil War Journal

John Smith
By: Kevin Meckert

Journal Entry #1

Hello My name is John Smith of the C.S.A and I am fighting in the civil war, I am a private and I hope to progress through the ranks to general but that probably wont happen. I have two children and a wife waiting for me to come home, I hope I live.

Journal entry #2


John: “Skedaddle before I whip you on the buttox.”

James: “Don’t talk like that to me or I’ll throw goobers at you, grayback.”

John: “I don't got nothing in my bread basket anyways.”

James: “Good food is scarce as hens teeth.”

John: “I don't care, I'm as snug as a bug.”

James: “I’m so played out, toeing the mark for a while. I've been through the mill, seen so many hornets.. But I’m a hard case”

John: “Well I’m going to have some joy juice and Grab a root so you better Skedaddle now.”

James: “You got some horse sense in that idea.”

John “Aoowwwwww those goobers were horrible I gatta quickstep it to the bathroom.”

Journal Entry #3

Dear Mom

Life at camp is harsh and boring, not much fun around hear and everybody is not the nicest, actually they are very mean they yell loud. Just woke up and tidying things up a little, just thought I would let you know how I'm doin and how hard it is out here. I was wondering if you could send me a couple of sweets and food they don,t got the goods we got up in the house I love you and cant wait to see you next.

Love, Kevin

I would see a gun immediately after I woke up on the ground next to me and see my roommates baseballs on top of his blanket.

Journal Entry #4

Jeremiah, when you chose to join the union army,  what caused you to make that choice?
Well I just hated the fact of slavery and session and I wouldn't be part of it, I also wanted to join the winning side, they also had better everything I was told, I feel bad for my brother to he was young and ignorant for joining the wrong said, the loosing side.

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or
happy about? I am proud of staying back for my mamma so I could show her the kindness she showed me when I was a boy, of course that is impossible, to beat the kindness of your ma. I tried but she couldn't hold on tight enough and let gow.

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?
To tell you the truth I wish my mamma was still here today, and if she was oh I would just huger and kisser for all the jolly things she did for me, and all the bad things I did in return, I wish I could just say I'm sorry.

(Look back at the italicized section at your "ending")
Jeremiah, Did you ever see anybody you knew because all your friends went to the Confederacy, If you did who?

Journal entry #5

To “Goofy Goober”

This one goes out to the two most important people out here

Patrick my best friend and this big yankee guy


I'm a yankee doodle ya

You're a yankee doodle ya

Were all yankee gooberts ya

yankee yankee yankee doodle


Yankees are the best people around

and you don't forget it you goober

Everybody now sing with me


I'm a yankee doodle ya

You're a yankee doodle ya

Were all yankee doodle ya

yankee yankee yankee doodle


All the yankees in this joint

lets go steal some goobers from the confederates

because its like their favorite food


I'm a yankee doodle ya

You're a yankee doodle ya

Were all yankee doodles ya

yankee yankee yankee doodle


Now that i'm leaving to go throw goobers at the confederates

this is my last time through


I'm a yankee doodle ya

You're a yankee doodle ya

Were all yankee doodle ya

yankee yankee yankee doodle


Journal entry #6

Camp is a dull place there's nothing to really do except do drills, and other usles things like singing. I'm used to it though, the hard work and all, I worked on a cotton plantation with slaves and though I'm a confederate soldier, I still hate slavery, at least there's goobers the best food around to eat and plenty of them.

Look as the union soldier nails the confederate on the right, the reason they had to go on to hand to hand combat is because supply's had been rained on and they had been fighting for many days.

Journal entry #7

The sickness here in these camps is unbelievable I would exaggerate about how many young souls are dying from malaria and other some such diseases but that would be a disgrace to the word exaggeration, I feel bad for the souls that died it was like a life wasted to sickness.

Journal entry #8

Dear children

I'm coming home soon but I want you to all focus on your mother, maker her feel love for the little time I'm not there. I'm bringing back some little tinkers you can play with that I picked up in the towns that we have destroyed. I got my second guy yesterday I stabbed him right in the face, never even had time to yell. Now you kids go ways now I would like to speak to your mother, please have food ready I haven't eating your delicious food or any delicious food in months I love you.

Love, John Smith

Watch as John's child Billy runs into his arms after John has been away in the war.

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