My trip to México!

By: HayLeigh Skinner

This is the beautiful Cuidad de México or (México city). This is the capital in México.

Some facts

* The population is 109.6 million people

*The capital is Cuidad de México (México city).  

*The language they speak is spanish.

*How they measure money is by pesos.

Famous places

This is a wonderful place I visited in México called chicken itza above. It was built long ago when the maya people where around. I climbed to the very top!

Above  is one of the most beautifulest places that I saw in México. This place is called Tulum it is location on the Yucatán Peninsula in México.

This is a picture above of Cozumel another beautiful place on the eastern coast of México. This is a great vacation place that I want to back to some day. The water is cyistal clear.

Local expressions

  • ¡fuchi! – gross!
  • ¿a poco? – really?
  • la alberca – the swimming pool

Food and drinks

Méxicans love spicy stuff like cliches and peppers . They pretty much use them in every thing like salsa and tacos and breatos. They add them for a little spice in the food.

Mexicans love making home grown fresh spicy salsa to go with corn chips and a thing to poor over their tacos and enchiladas.  

Climate and Geography

México has different varies from tropical areas to hot desert. A tropical place can be found in Cancun. A beach that you would dream of with a warm sun and aqua blue waters and perfect white sand.

Chihuahuan is a desert in México that is on the boarder of the USA and México. Some plants live there but not much. Yuccas and agaves, growing with grasses and often Creosote Bushes. Some Gray Wolves are still in the Chihuahuan Desert.


Méxican dance video