Muslim empire

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Time and Place

The Muslim empire went out of Mecca, east to India, west across North Africa and into Spain.
the religion spread easily and fast
It lasted a long time due to separate ruling styles but a common worship and religion
the empire lasted a long time the Golden age of the empire was from 700 AD to 900 AD.


During this golden age the Muslims contributed great medical expertise, stunning Architecture, laws, mathematics and the idea of banking. They invented Algebra and trigonometry and spread the ideas of the Guptas. Muslims created Hospitals, medical tests and the idea that doctors had to pass a test before practicing. the Muslims used Greek astronomy Ideas and created astronomical tables.Muslim laws were based on their holy text the  Qur'an; and the basis for political laws in the empire. In the Muslim banks the concept of credit was used with their money. Muslims also preserved, ancient Greek and Roman ideas and improved upon them.

Other facts

Muslims were good fighters and defeated many countries which spread their religion. Some places surrendered because they herd hoe well the captured cities were treated by the new rulers. A group of barbarians know as the Franks defended there land (France) keeping the spread of  Islam. The time of peace and prosperity was know as their Golden age.

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