Man Arrested After Jumping White House Fence and Getting Inside, Secret Service Says

Summary of Story/ Link

Recently the White House Staff and reporters were evacuated because an intruder jumped over the fence and made it through the front door before being stopped.  The intruder, Omar J. Gonzalez, was unarmed when he ran towards the White House but he was still a threat to the safety of those in the White House causing the evacuation.  The White House is rarely evacuated but what makes this instance so significant is how far the intruder got into the White House.

Concepts Related to This Story

Authority, Legitimacy, and National Security are linked to this story

The secret service who evacuated the White House showed their authority and legitimacy. People listened to them because their authority that they had.  National security was also being represented because the president and other national figures or people could have been in danger and the security of the White House is very important.

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