classification of organisms

Melissa Hernandez  and Hailey Wasden 5

domains and kingdoms

Melissa Hernandez - domain archaea , domain bacteria , domain eukarya , kingdom archaea , kingdom bacteria

Hailey Wasden - kingdom Protista, kindom fungi, kingdom plantae , kingdom animalia

domain archaea- a unicellular prokaryotic organism .It can be heterotrophic or autrophic nad reproduce asexually .It has a cell membrane , ribosomes , and cytoplasm .these cells do not include nucleus . the blood is kept in the cytoplasm. These cells may include a flagella.Cells make up organisms.

Domain bacteria-a unicellular prokaryotic organism that reproduces asexually. Bac teria cannot live in extreme conditions. It includes a cell membrane, ribosomes, and cytoplasms. Cells in this domain may include a flagella . These cells are small and cells of vireses and sicknesess.

Domain eukarea- includes any eukaryote. It includes a cell membrane, nucleus , mitochondria, ribosomes , endoplasmic  reticulem , cytoplasm , vacuole , and chloroplasts.Would not have a flagella . Has a nucleus . multicellular. And larger than a prokaryotic cell.

kingdom archaea - Unicelluar prokaryotic organisms that can be hetrotrophic or autotropic and reproduce asexually. has a cell membrane , Ribosomes , and cytoplasm.they do not have a nucleus but keep blood in cytoplasm.These cells have a flagella .they are small and carry vireses and sicknesses .

kingdom bacteria- unicellar prokaryotic organisms that reproduce asexually. the cell of sicknesses or vireses. theses cells are not very organized.Have flagella or silia . Keeps DNA in cytoplasm . Has a cell membrane , ribosomes , and cytoplasm .

kingdom Protista- unicellular eukaryotic organisms that primarily reproduce asexually. the cells include a cell membrane ,nucleaus ,mitochondria , ribosomes ,endoplasmic reticulum ,cytoplasm , vacuoles ,and chloroplast. A eukaryotic cell is larger then a prokaryotic cell. it is the cell of all living things.

kingdom fungi-eukaryotic heterotrophic multicellular organisms. they can reproduce either sexually or asexually. these cells include a cell membrane , nucleaus ,mitochondria ,ribosomes ,endoplasmic reticulum , cytoplasm , vacuoles, and chloroplast. A large cell of all living things. it is large but you would still need a microscope to completetly see the cell.

kingdom plantae- autotrophic  eukaryotic multicellular organisms. they may reproduce sexually or a sexually. the cells include a cell membrane , a nucleaus , mitochondria ,ribosomes ,endoplasmic reticulum , cytoplasm , vacuoles ,and chloroplast. these cells are larger then the prokaryotic cells.and they are not very organized inside.

kingdom animalia- eukaryotic heterotrophic multicellular organisms. they mostly reproduce sexuallythe cells include all the contents of cells. they are larger then prokaryotic cells and do not carry viruses and or sicknesses.

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