JP's Personal Values

Personal values are very important to everyone, even though different people have different values. While everyone has a different set of values, everyone can agree that values as a broad category are important to everyone. Personal values can range from valuing your family to valuing your money, or valuing your appearance, whatever is important to you. My five primary values are my community, my health, peace, equality, and justice.


The student community at Albany High is extremely important to me, and one of the reasons I really like this school. We have great clubs and classes, and without friends and teachers, there wouldn't be much for a teenager to do. The student community at Albany High is amazing and I don't know where I'd be without it.


My health is also very important to me. To be a well functioning individual and to keep my life going steadily, I need to eat well and exercise. In fact, to keep up my other values, I need to have good health first! An example of practicing good health is my diet, I consistently eat fruits and vegetables, and balance my meat intake, providing me with a healthy life.


I value peace very heavily. In a world torn apart by hate and imperialist war, peace should be something we all seek. Peace between nations, understanding between people, etc. When it comes to a smaller level, peace is also valuable. Drama and separation between groups of friends leads to discord, and contradictions need to be resolved as quickly as possible. For example, whenever my friends argue, I try to act as a mediator, and it usually leads to a happy solution where everyone can go about their day calmly.


Equality is a value that is necessary in an increasingly unequal world. When some people have the freedom to exploit others, then those being exploited can have no freedom, and exploitation has to be ended. I haven't been able to practice any sort of agitation towards a more equal system yet, but when I'm older I plan on becoming politically active, and I hope I can help the struggle towards total human liberation.


Justice is a prerequisite for equality, you cannot end oppression without seizing justice, there will be no easy path to liberation, but whatever path is taken, it will be worth it. I try to practice justice in my daily life by purging my vocabulary of hateful words, and helping to deconstruct any sort of axis of oppression. I'm still learning, but a commitment to justice means a commitment to struggle, and struggle is something I'm committed to.

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3 years ago

John Paul, you have done an absolutely wonderful job! I appreciate that you clearly put a lot of effort into your explanations. Thank you!