J.J. Thomson

Joseph W. & Hannah C.

  • Born: December 18, 1856 in Cheetham Hill, United Kingdom
  • Died: August 30, 1940 in Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Thomson had spent 40 years at Cambridge University studying mathematics.Though he had no interest in physical or chemical research at the time, he had made second place in his college examinations. Thomson was to replace Lord Rayleigh as Cavendish professor of physics.This was to be the most prestigious chair of science.Though he did not originally walk this path, he turned down it.His research had proved the existence of electrons and that atoms were not one single part but two parts.A positively charged sphere surrounded by randomly placed electrons.this was known as the "Plum Pudding" atomic structure.

Thomson was born British

He was a physicist

He did not original study physics

He went to Trinity college studying mathematics




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