Xenon (Xe)

Xenon. It shines the BRIGHTEST on the periodic table.

What is Xenon?

Xenon is one of many noble gases on the periodic table. This element's atomic number is 54 with an atomic mass of 131. It has 54 protons, 54 electrons, and 77 neutrons. Xenon is in Period 5 Group 18; it is a non-toxic element but the compounds are. The element is one of the heaviest gases on the periodic table.

Where is Xenon used?

Xenon is mostly used for lighting purposes but can be used in other ways too. It is used in flash cameras and projectors. Recently, xenon has replaced the halogen in car headlights because xenon is more efficient and brighter. It can also be used for medicinal purposes as an "experimental anesthetic".

Why should you choose Xenon?

This element should be chosen for too many reasons! It is bright so that you are able to see very clearly in the dark. If something tries to attack you, xenon can protect you! Xenon is put into lasers which is why they are so bright and powerful! You can face the impossible as long as you have xenon.

  • Boiling point: -108.1 degrees Celsius
  • Melting point: 111.8 degrees Celsius

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