The Orthodontist Appointment that changed my life


" Let's go!" I said happily.

" Coming!" Lucas said.

Lucas and I had been at this summer camp called PAL for a whole week now and today was our last whole day there. We had everything planned out. We were going to go canoeing for two hours and fishing.

" Come on, help me get this canoe out in this water."

And then Lucas slipped. He fell right on to a rock. I ran to go get a counselor and by the time we got back it was to late.



   " Mom, I'm nervous about getting braces!" Were the last words before my life was changed.


   " Calvin, don't forget about your orthodontist appointment that I scheduled for you tomorrow." My mom said as I was sitting down on the couch.

" Am I getting braces tomorrow?" I asked nervously.

   " Yes, but you are only getting them on your top four teeth."

   I moaned even though I knew that it would help.

   " You need to head on down to bed." My mom said as if she were about to go to sleep.

   " Okay." And with that I was asleep.


    I did not want to get up today.

"Calvin, get up!" My brother said angrily.

After about three minutes, I managed to roll myself out of bed. Thank goodness for cold showers because that is what got me up.

    When I finally got to school, I felt like I was going to go back to sleep again. And I was having a perfectly normal morning. Right after lunch, I got a text from my mom saying," I will check you out at 1:30 to go get your braces. After that, Dad will take you to baseball. When your practice is over, we are going out to eat as a family." At about 1:45, I was sent up to the office to be checked out.

" Sorry that I was late." My mom said after she got off the phone.

" Don't worry about it, now let's get this over with."

" You don't need to stress as much." My mom said sort of impatiently.

" Fine , I guess it's just a habit or something."


   It was getting nerveracking because we were getting close to the orthodontist.

" M om, I'm nervous about getting braces." Those were the last words before my life was changed. When we got hit by the oncoming truck, I thought I was going to die. And I'm pretty sure that I did.


   When I woke up, I found myself in the middle of a huge white room. There was nobody in this room, and it was completely silent. Then, out of nowhere, I heard a voice. At first, it sounded like my best friend Lucas.

" Turn around." The voice said

I turned around, and it was Lucas. For a moment, I tried to wake up. I knew none of this was real because Lucas had passed away when we were 9. In awe, I said, " Lucas is that really you?"

" Yes, Calvin, it's really me.

" But....... you passed away when we were 9. "

" It might take you a while, but I think that you will figure out where we are. It was nice to be able to see you again. But, you need to go now. Goodbye, Calvin."

And those were the last words before he disappeared.


  My eyes blinked open to the sound of an ambulance blaring in my ear. It took me a while to realize that I was in an ambulance when I saw paramedics surrounding me. For a second, all of the paramedics just stared at me awkwardly. One of the muttered under his breath, " no way". And at that point, I knew something was really wrong. When I tried to move my head, there was a sharp pain that ran from my lower neck all the way to my lower back. Without moving my head, all that I could see was my blood stained shirt and paints. But really all that I could think about was my mom. I didn't know if she was in just as bad of a condition as I was.

" This might hurt a little bit." One of the paramedics said.

5 minutes later, I was so tired that I couldn't hold my head up. And I drifted off to sleep.


Phhhhhhh, I took a deep breath out of my nose.

" Oh, honey, you look horrible."

I tried to roll over in my hospital bed, but nothing happened. That's when I realized that I had broken my neck. It all made sense now. The sharp pain in my neck and not being able to move my head. When my mom came over and sat on the hospital bed, I observed her very carefully. She had one arm that was bruised up badly, but there were no other noticeable injuries. At that moment, the rest of my family walked in. After that, we had a family discussion. In one part of the discussion, they described what I looked like. My dad described me as a mummy. I had a full head brace on to support my neck.  In my right arm, I had two fractures. One of which was a compound fracture. On my right leg, I had been cut by pieces of glass. My nose had been badly broken, and according to one of my sisters, it was twice the size it was before. And last but not least, I had a cut that started at the right corner of my neck and went all the way down to the bottom left corner of my neck. It took me a while to figure this injury out. But, after a lot of thinking, I came to a conclusion. The seat belt. It practically saved my life. Overall, I was a mess. The doctor told my mom that I needed to stay out of school for a week ( which I was kind of glad about ) and I was cleared to go home.


" Are you ready for your first day back at school?" Asked my dad.

" Think so!" I replied happily. My dad helped me in to school and took me to my classroom. He told me goodbye and left. I watched him drive off through our classroom window.

 It took me all the way until fifth period to realize how many questions I had been asked. All of them were normal questions except for one of them. Everything clicked when Lucas' twin sister came up and talked to me. " I don't know if you know this but my dad was one of the paramedics in your ambulance. He told me that your heart actually stopped for about 15 minutes. He said they did all they could to try to get your heart beating again. But, he said the most amazing part of it all was when you came back to life. All of the paramedics had basically given up on you and you just opened your eyes. I am so glad that you are okay. And I'm even more thankful that I didn't end up where Lucas is. I am so glad that you are okay."

 And with that she gave me a hug and walked off. It took me all the way until after dinner to put together everything. But after thinking for  long time, I realized that I had seen Lucas in heaven.