Learning an Education System

By: Gunner Connor

Ancient Roman writing from a student.

ROME- New construction began on an education system for upper class children. Adults in Rome have high expectations for their youth.

Children, ages 7-11, have to be able to afford school. The poor kids were not aloud to attend school, so they learned what their parents knew and taught them. "Lower class children like me are not allowed to get the same education which makes me upset," stated Agrippa, who is 10- years old.

The girls who could afford school would go until they were about 11. Cassia, a local 8-year old, complained "that the boys received better education."  They learned the same things as the boys, except the boys went to secondary school. When they went to secondary school, they learned to read and write Greek and prepared for the study of rhetoric.

The Beginning of Roman Sports.

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Roman sports were first played in wealthy people villa's. There largest amphitheater was the Colosseum witch holds 50,000 people. Sporting events were free and the stadiums symbolized emperor's power and authority. The most popular sport in Rome was boxing. The gloves for boxing were made out of ox hides. In a match the right arm was for fighting and the left arm was for defending and if the match lasted to long the referees stop the match and it was over. Great honor was when the opposition without receiving blows and suffering any wounds.

Chariot racing stadiums good hold 200,000 spectators. The drivers were slaves and had to do 7 laps. Since it was risky and violent chariot racing was expensive and the winner would win a large prize. There teams were organized with there color red,white,blue, and green. You had to find your own horse for the fight.

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