Little Women
by Nicole & Vania

For the Read On project we have read some books. The book we liked most is "Little Women" which was written by Louisa May Alcott.                                                                    Little Women, published in 1868, was a huge success. Louisa used the experiences of  her family. She and her three sisters became the March sisters, Amy, Jo, Beth and Meg.   

Let us tell you something about the plot

It's March 1865. The family lives in dignity, until the father is forced to leave for the front: his wife and his four daughters are left alone at home. Just the four girls are at the center of the adventures of the novel . Each of them gets by with jobs to carry on the family.

The eldest daughter Margaret, called Meg , finds work as a governess because she is educated and mature. Josephine (Jo), decides to keep company to old Aunt March, and they find themselves in trouble on several occasions. The third daughter, Elizabeth ( Beth ), who is the sweetest of the four sisters, is attached to the house and to her doll. Finally, Amanda ( Amy ) , the youngest, cultivates her passion for drawing .

The four girls are introduced two other characters : the housekeeper Hannah and Laurie , the young neighbor . Jo and Meg receive an invitation to the debutante ballet, where Jo meets Laurie for the first time : the boy falls in love right away , but she does not return the feeling .

At Christmas the March family receives news from their father and learns that he's fine. The mother of the girls one day decides to send Jo to bring some dishes prepared at home to a family even poorer than them . But she refuses so Beth has to go instead of her. Beth gets sick in contact with children who live in that house .

At the end of the story Beth dies . Meg marries the tutor of Laurie , John Brooke , and becomes mother of twins , while Jo , having continued her studies at the University , starts to write for a newspaper . Amy realizes her dream of a lifetime and becomes a real lady. She will marry Laurie.


Josephine is 15 years old. She works as a companion lady at her Aunt March. She is courageous and determined. She likes riding her horse and running in the Fields, but her real passion is literature and she dreams of becoming a famous writer .

Elizabeth is the third of four sisters and she is 13 years. Beth is sweet , sensitive, caring , but also very shy and it is hard for her to socialize with anyone outside of the family. She has a passion for music and the piano, loves her cats and her dolls and is very close to her family.

Amy is the youngest of four sisters . She is 12 years old and she is selfish and lazy . Jo and Amy often fight.

Meg is the eldest sister. She is sixteen, she is very sociable and sweet. Meg likes to go around the city, especially for shopping. In the middle of the story she marries John Brooke.


We invite all of you to read this book because you will get hooked.  The difference in age of the girls and their funny adventures make the novel very interesting to read. Many young girls have grown up with this book. Many also read its sequels  or watch the movie. Some even memorize the soundtrack. Believe us, you will madly love all the four sisters . While reading the book for the first time , any girl can identify with one of the four protagonists. So, enjoy!