Raffle for the Benefit of
Robin Renee Hix - Geoffrey Agrons Donates to Raffle

May 29 to June 7, 2015

Geoffrey Agrons  has donated his image "Needle and Thread" as a third prize in the raffle to benefit Robin Renee Hix.  Geoffrey's image received an "Honorable Mention" in the A Smith Gallery exhibition "water".   


It rained and many are suffering.

Any of you out there that have ever tried to make a living from art will understand the amount of work, commitment, sacrifice, and perseverance it takes to succeed. Robin Renee Hix is a Photographic Artist from Wimberley that makes her living from her Art. She lost just about everything in the recent catastrophic flood on the Blanco River. Amanda and I recently had Robin attend one of our encaustic workshops -- she was a joy to be around. Her story about wanting to go to art school, being discouraged by the powers that be, and becoming a beautician instead is a great one. She ultimately found her own art school. She has a fantastic smile.

We want to help Robin.

A Smith Gallery is sponsoring a raffle. For the next week we will sell raffle tickets at ten dollars a piece for an encaustic image that Amanda and Kevin will create for this event, the Carol Erb fine art print "Adrift" and the Geoffrey Agrons fine art print "Needle and Thread". There will now be a three drawings for the three prizes.  All proceeds will go to the YouCaring fundraiser for Robin.

We hope you will participate. Art can be hard. Art is bliss. Art is necessary.

The winning raffle ticket holder will be announced via email and on the gallery facebook page Monday morning, June 8.     

(The image above is a hand colored silver gelatin print entitled "Girl Hanging Upside Down on Blanco" by Robin Renee Hix.)