Enrique has just announced his retirement

Enrique has just announced his Cheap fifa 15 coins to Abidal blessing. Enrique: Barcelona early case of metal matrix customary blessing Abidal Beijing at 23:00 on the December 20, Barcelona will participate in 16 La Liga at the Nou Camp, against Cordoba, this will be the last game before the Christmas holidays to Barcelona. The day before, the Barcelona coach Louis - Enrique reporters attended the reception Buy Cheap Fifa 15 Coins.

Barcelona Getafe last round trapped in metal matrix, if it so kick Cordoba, Barcelona how to do? Enrique replied: "We follow the usual way to prepare for the vast majority of our competitors have put metal matrix, we are accustomed to."

Talked about the upcoming war opponents Cordoba, Enrique said: "I know their former coach Albert - Ferrer, who is also a former Barcelona player and I know them now coach Miroslav - years. Keech, who had achieved success at Athletic Bilbao. I was very aware of their several winger, such as Fidel and Borja, we will not give them a chance. "

Abidal retired, Enrique send blessings:. "Although I did not directly between him and the intersection, but I still wish him Abidal is great, he represents an era, the end of his era, people will remember forever. "

Enrique for Barcelona this season, playing a bit? Barcelona coach refused to answer: "I do not like the score, this is not my task this is only my first season, the team has changed a lot, and sometimes we have outstanding performance in the run for months, sometimes setbacks. To score? end of the season beating too late. "

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