Never Forget The Past

Tolerance Unit Final Project By Josephine Fesili

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" - George Santayana

Have you ever made a mistake and kept repeating it? George Santayana a philosopher once said "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". Never forget the past , during the Holocaust the Jews were getting their rights taken away little by little they never noticed or even bothered to remember it. So we , learned repeating the past causes consequences.

In the Poem First They Came For The Communists by Martin Niemoller , it really shows that you should never forget the past. For instance , when the Nazis came for the communists they kept coming back for more people and the same boy just kept quiet repeating his past. This is an example to never forget the past because this never forget the past because this boy kept remaining silent he got taken away. In summary , the boy stayed quiet the Nazis finally came for him as they came for the other people.

In addition the book Terrible things by Eve Bunting really adds if you know a person that is repeating their past warn them. When Big Rabbit kept telling Little Rabbit "But the Terrible Things don't need a reason. Just mind your own business , Little Rabbit. We don't want them to get mad at us." But Little Rabbit knew that they should have helped them. Its mostly saying that if you know a person is repeating a mistake in life you should tell them instead od them getting caught up in the mistake in the future. Little Rabbit knew that he should have helped the other animals , but he didn't because Big Rabbit said so , therefore Little Rabbit kept letting the past repeat its self causing only Big Rabbit to actually experience it.

Furthermore , in the documentary "Paperclips" brings out that we should respect people that have been through a tragedy in the past. Children from a middle school gathered paperclips so people wouldn't forget what happened in the past , because at the end of the day we all know that we are going to keep repeating a big mistake we don't remember. The children collected paperclips for a reason , it was so people could remember the Holocaust. People need to start speaking up to get others attention and not forget the past.

In conclusion never forget the past because you then will repeat it. Have you ever made a mistake and didn't ever relize it , forgetting the past can cause you to get caught up in it and repeat it. Forget what has hurt you in the past , but never forget what it has taught you. Recongnize what you are doing in orer to change.

George Santayana , Philospher

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