Ernest Rutherford

Derek W

The years and place of discovery

He study at University of Manchester

Years of discovery 1903 - 1919

5-7 sentence of the importance

Together, Rutherford and Thomson studied the effects of X-rays on the conductivity of gases, resulting in a paper about dividing atoms and molecules into ions.

Focusing on uranium, Rutherford discovered that placing it near foil resulted in one type of radiation being easily soaked up or blocked, while a different type had no trouble penetrating the same foil. He labeled the two radiation types “alpha” and “beta.”

Rutherford was also credited with discovering the radioactive gas radon while at McGill.

In 1909 he began experiments that were to change the face of physics. He discovered the atomic nucleus and developed a model of the atom that was similar to the solar system.

Like planets, electrons orbited a central, sun-like nucleus. Acceptance of this model grew after it was modified with quantum theory by Niels Bohr

4 random facts

! He was born on August 30, 1871

2 death date October 19 1937

3 4th kid out of 12

4 nickname growing up “ Ern “

5 bohr and rutford work together

Rutherford received the 1908 Nobel Prize in chemistry

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