Middle Aged

-The older your child get’s the more needs you're going to have to tend to. Children in the age group 5-9 are going through a lot of changes, and there are certain things that parents should cater to with this age group. As a parent you can meet your child emotional needs by communicating, trusting, praising your child
-Communication is very big in your relationship with your child.
-  fulfill your child needs with hugs and kisses. Every child wants to be loved and secure.
-Show interest in what your child do. If he/she play sports congratulate him Don’t compare your child to other children.
-Respect their individually Acknowledge their strengths. This will make them believe in themselves and feel confident about their self A child in this age group wants to feel like they can do everything themselves so you should trust your child and give them some freedom.

Social needs for a child 5-9 years old are needs to interact with family members. For them to be guided in the right foot steps at an early age. You should have daily conversations with your kids and find out their likes dislikes and find out what's going on in their daily lives. doing that you're getting to learn more about your child and how they are like to handle situations
*talking with your child about knowing right from wrong is very important
* social skills needed to address behavior, discipline, safety, and academics to help kids become self-aware, and manage their emotions.
* Spend time with your child.
* It's very important for you child to feel loved so give them hugs and kisses
* Teach your child manners
*Explain to your child how to share how to give people personal space, and how to be friendly.


During 5-9 year old they become more curious and they go through a lot of phases, parents should be more patient because this is when the child become more active it is also hard for the child to be still.
 As parents in order to meet their child physical needs is to do activities, eat healthy, warm clothes when its cold outside,and bedtime at a reasonable hour.
   Children of this age will really appreciate their parents watching their efforts with a realistic and encouraging attitude.
  Parents should be able to teach their kids how to:
* draw a picture of a house and that includes the garden and sky
*be able to ride a two wheeler bike climb and swim
*be able to throw and catch a ball.


Mental health is how we think, feel and act in order to face life’s situations. In order for the parents to meet their child's mental needs they will need to teach them about education.
-At ages 5-9, parents should want to teach their kids new information and new experiences that the have questions about.
-As a parent if the child starts fussing about boredom then challenge his/her ability to keep their mind busy.
-Parents should know that there young children are aware of their surroundings and interested in exploring themselves.
-Parents should teach and keep them busy getting and organizing knowledge about many things around them.


This is an example of emotional needs, show love to you children and you'll recive love back!
This is a example of Socail needs interact with your child!
This is a example of physical needs find activities to do

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