Adoption can drastically change lives. Below are a few stories and statistics of different experiences. These include teens who have been adopted and those who have put their child up for adoption. You will see that their experiences are all very different, but inspiring. Adoption can really be the best option for you and being adopted can also be the best experience of your life.  

What does it feel like to be an adopted child in society?

Adoption can change your life forever! 1.5 million children are adopted each year. This is almost 2.5 percent of the population of children. For some, this is a very painful event a child has to live with or it can be one of the best experiences. Depending on your current situation putting your child up for adoption can be the best thing for them and you. During a child's life they may be questioning why they were put up for adoption. Take a look into Anna Eldridges life to see some of the biggest struggles she has gone through. Also, Eva Reed is a teen loving her life after being adopted and couldn't see it any other way!

          Anna Eldridge wrote to the Huffington post about being a trans racial adopted child. "I have found that as I age, it's harder for the public to acknowledge me as being a part of my family" (Eldridge). The people that care for her and live with are her parents and no one can change that. She is struggling with this ongoing stereotype of being Trans-racial, "I was so excited to be out with my dad at a formal event, but all of my happiness and excitement was crushed when two of his colleagues assumed I was his Asian date" (Eldridge).  Anna tells about how when she was younger everyone assumed she was adopted and never said anything about it. As she has gotten older and prepares for college, going shopping and going out for lunch with her family have become a daily struggle. "...Assumptions are now made when I'm with my older Caucasian brothers" (Eldridge). Although being a trans-racial adopted child comes with its downsides, Eldridge also talks about how she is living a great life and wouldn't want anything different in her other blog posts.   

Personal Interview:

  • Eva Reed is a eighteen year old living in Raleigh, ready to go to high point university this fall. She has lived in America almost her entire life after being adopted at the age of two from China.

1. Do you ever feel like you don't fit in?

"I have never felt like I don't fit even with my family or when going out in public. I think growing up with a sister who was also adopted just made me more comfortable at home and around my own family. I consider the people I live with my only parents even though they didn't give birth to me. When I was younger some of my parents friends would come and ask about why I was adopted or what it was like to have a child from China. Also, I would sometimes get weird stares in stores and it would be a little awkward, but it never really bothered me or made me feel like I did not fit in. Its seems like everyone around me is scared to ask about why I was adopted so instead they just ask my mom. I'm not ashamed of my life, so I wouldn't ever have a problem or think it was weird if they asked about my past" (Reed).  

2. What is one thing you would change about being adopted?

"I wouldn't really change anything. I am living a great life and ready to go to college and start new adventures. I would eventually love to meet my birth parents and find out more about them. Being adopted has been a great thing in my life and I would never want to change that" (Reed).             

Callie is a 25 year old who put her child up for adoption because she could not fully support her new son Leo.  She talks about how she felt lost and how it was one of the hardest decisions in her life.  She says once it did happen, it was the best choice she could have made. She decided to go the route of an open adoption and she sees her son a regular basis. Leo has two moms and a dad that support him. Watch Callie's story  below to see more.  

What does it mean to be a birth mother in society?

is this the best option for me and my child?

Sometimes putting your child up for adoption comes with extreme guilt. "you're not abandoning her. You want whats best for her" (Stewart 26).  "Birth mothers are often thought of as women who choose to "give up" their unborn babies for adoption. From talk shows to websites and even to casual conversation among friends, the term "give up" has become synonymous with adoption"(Stewart 27). You have given your child the gift of life so don't be ashamed you cannot provide for him or her. Just like Callie , you can still see your child and give them all your love and affection.

In Conclusion

Watch the Adoption Journey Project to find out why you should make a difference. There are a shocking number of children around the world looking for a home and loving families. Also, there are many birth mothers who are waiting to find the perfect family for their child in a open adoption. Some children will never understand why they were adopted but if you can give them a better life, it is the best option! For people looking to adopt, take action and help the parents that can't help their own children. The stories above tell about how adoption is the best thing that ever happened and the child is too grateful for the situation that they are living in. Give them a chance and adopt, Give them up if you cannot provide enough. Ultimately do whats right because it can change their life and your own for the better.  

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