Wednesday, March 11th

Sub Plans for Mr. Whalen

Hi everyone,

The trial continues into a third day.  All signs point to finishing the case on Wednesday but as I have learned, no one in the Federal Court system is in a hurry.  

The educational locomotive of learning will continue on down the tracks, but it will make a stop at one of my favorite places, Learningville.  A teaching strategy I have used for several years is to allow students to perform independent research on topics that interest them.  After all, most of you will pursue a career that you have an interest in, right?  Right. So lets get started.

Here is the plan for ALL of the classes.

All of us undoubtedly have questions about stuff or don't understand something.  This could come from our own bias, experience or lack of understanding about a topic.

The assignment? Simple:

1.  Learn about something that interests you and formulate it into a *Non-Googleable question.

*A Googleable question would be, "How did Mark Cuban make all of his money?"  A NonGoogleable question might look like, "What makes Mark Cuban a successful entrepreneur?"  You are going to have to find your own answer for the second one.  

2.  Share your learning with the class on Friday. The only requirements on the assignment is that your report must be between 2-4 minutes and include some type of visual/artistic representation/presentation.

Here are some guidelines(not requirements) to help you start...

Start with your passions.  What is it that really interests you?  What do you enjoy working on, doing or researching?  

As a personal example, I love coaching high school athletics.  It is what brought me into teaching.  But coaching is such a broad topic, that I would have to narrow it down further than that. One thing that has been on mind is the dwindling number of students who play multiple sports in high school and "focusing" on one sport.  My question would NOT be, "How many athletes play three sports?"  I could find that information out without a lot of work.  A better question might be, "Why do high school athletes choose to focus on one sport?"  There is no "right" answer to this question and it would require some more extensive research.  

When you feel like you have a question that you feel is "research worthy," go ahead and post it on this Padlet with your name and your question:

What does Fedex do?  They deliver.  And that is exactly what you are going to do to me and your classmates on Friday.  

By the way, can you find the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo?