Tackle Breaks Professional Soccer Women's Hand

By: Shehriyar Khan

     On June 18, 2014, in Mississauga Ontario, at a soccer field near a school name Rick Hansen a terrible incident has happened in a soccer game. The best player Molly broke her hand while versing Sams team dear devils. So after the game begin, molly had the ball, she was running with but suddenly Sam came from no where and tackled molly to get the ball but now everything went wrong because molly broke her hand.

     Billy Bob, a fan of molly was watching the game when that happened. He said " I saw Sam fouling molly for no reason, she didn't had to do that to get the ball she could of just try to get the ball cleanly and tackling molly. But I think Molly will come back and win the next match for us.

     Mr. Brian A is the manager of Molly, was psst when that happened and he said " I am going to take Sam to the court because I know she that in purpose so molly's career gets ruined. But I am going to say that molly will come back and win every game and she will build her career and be the best soccer player.

     With all that disappointment, people are wondering if the manger of Molly will take action and take Sam to the court and they are wondering if molly come's back and gets the trophy for the fans.  


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