Post, explore, and like any pictures of different interesting food. Basically, this website is all about food. If you are a food fan find pictures of your favorite food and find the location placed under the picture. You can also follow other people and see pictures of their food.

How to post: Take a picture of the food that you are eating. Then open up the foodly app. After you have taken a picture click the post button in the foodly app.  Then type the location and then hashtag the type of food that you are eating. When your done enjoy your yummy food.

How to Locate a Restaurant: Open up the foodly app.  Go to the search bar and type the food that you are looking for. For example search cheese burgers. All of the post that people put with the hashtag Cheese Burger. Look at the comments that people wrote and if you see a post that you like click the post. Look for the directions to the restaurant and when you arise  take the survey if the directions were helpful.

You can also like a persons food and if you like all of the post that they put on their wall you can follow the person and become their food buddy.

What a food buddy is a person that is your follower and you trade locations, post, and comments. Anybody can be your food buddy if you allow them to be. Its a great way to make new friends          

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