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  Hello my name is Sarai Hernandez I am currently enrolled in Pebble Hills High School I will like to attend to UTEP and I really want the opportunity I am a great student I am responsiable in evrything that I do

I think UTEP is a great college they have a lot of programs and they can really help me in the future. As the school is going to help me in  my career i know I can help the school in so many ways. I can be helpful, I like to do what ever to do to do to reach my goal 

I am interested in studying  medicine and I think UTEP is a great college for that.

I kown I have to work hard to be a great student are school but I am going to do evrything to be at the level of all the students annd work hard to become a great doctor.

I can be a great choice for your school I hope you think about it and have me in mind to be part of your great school you will see that you make a choice think about it and I hope to see you there.

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