My Halloween Story

What did you do this Halloween?

              What did you do this Halloween?I went trick or treating, yes i went trick or treating in the pouring rain. Yes, i was sopping wet.I was Princess peach by the way. I went trick or treating with my cousin, he was a evil jester.I also went with my other cousin, she was ragety ann.And with my cousin's aunt, she was a navy person.I went with my mom, she was nothing just my mom.I also went my with other cousins mom, she was a scarecrow. My favorite candy that i got was a king sized kit kat. The person who gave me the best candy was this girl that had a table full or king sized candys, i took the king sized kit kat. I saw a house that decorated, it was AWESOME! It looked like a Haunted house, a real haunted house!I got so much candy, I had half a pillow case full of candy.I left my house at 5:00 pm and got home at 8:30 pm. The rain was awesome, even though i was sopping  i was still getting candy, i will do anything to get candy for free!That was my Halloween, i would love to hear about yours!

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