Gun Control

By: Kyle Clark

The second amendment: give people the right to bear arms.

There are two sides of gun control. One side of gun control is that people dont want guns(democratic) and the other group belives they have the righ to bear arms(republicans.

A supreme court case on gun control is the District of columbia vs. Heller. The cxase was about heller wanting to have a handgun for personal protection and the second admendent rights. however the supreme cort found it unconstatuinal to hold such a law to ban handguns for personal protection.

however i belive we should be able to bear arms. we should be able to own guns and use them for personal protection and for hunting and recreational use. Even shooting sports is one of the first olympic games ever played, are the gunna take that away too? guns dont kill people kill.

one recent story is anout a store owner who had the proper licenece to hold a gun. his store wqas being robed when he pulled out his wepon and shot the guy in the hip. if he didnt shoot the guy or have the wepon he may have died or even others may have died.

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