Life in a Refugee Camp


The refugee diet is traditionally rice, salt, chilli and fish paste, supplemented with items gathered from the forest, vegetables or livestock that can be grown raised or hunted.

Desperation... "I watched two young boys, perhaps twelve years old, fight so viciously over rations that one kicked the other to death." (

The Struggle...

More than half the refugee camps in the world can not provide recommended amount of water per person per day. Along with the struggle refugees face in obtaining food and water, they must also face the struggle of taking care of injured family members. One man, Mohamed Ali Ahmed had to take care of his all nine of his children, one of which was severely disabled and work to make money to leave the camp on his own because his wife left him. (

Picture of a playground for children in a Syrian Refugee Camp (



While life in the refugee camps may not be the best, people find ways to persevere and move on with their lives. Children play on play grounds, soccer games occur and even some music videos are created.

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