English 20-1 Mobile Apps

Shakespeare & Play analysis

The goal of this project is to enhance your understanding of Shakespeare

Reading Shakespeare can be difficult; relating to it can be even harder. By connecting to the themes present in his plays, we can hope to better analyze William Shakespeare, but how can we do that? By using something that William never had back in the 16th century, Mobile Apps.

Play Choices:

  1. Hamlet
  2. A Midsummer Night's Dream
  3. Romeo & Juliet
  4. Macbeth

The Assignment

Students will choose a play from the list above and watch a performance of it using either Shakespeare in Bits, or Shakespeare at Play. Using one of the mobile apps listed below, you will then have to make a presentation about ONE of the themes present in the play and relate it to another book of your choice. For example, in Hamlet the theme of revenge is evident throughout the play. This theme is also present in the book The Crucible by Arthur Miller. After having an affair with John Proctor, Abigail Williams accuses his wife Elizabeth of casting a spell on her. Abigail's revenge on Elizabeth for being married to the man she loves, is similar to that of Hamlet. You CANNOT compare your play to another Shakespeare play. You MUST submit a proposal to me by March 27!

Option one:

For those of you who don't feel comfortable with Shakespeare (with understanding the language, seeing character relationships, etc), I recommend watching your play of choice using this app. Shakespeare in Bits allows you to watch Shakespearean plays in high resolution animation. It features unabridged text and in-line translations; for those of you need help dissecting the dialect. As well as professional audio recordings; for those  of you who require text to speech translations.

Option two:

If you feel confident with your knowledge of Shakespeare, then you should enjoy Shakespeare at Play. Using this app, you can watch live performances of every scene from the play, which makes it perfect for studying Shakespeare. It also includes interactive texts, commentary notes, and audio introductions to each scene which highlight the important plot details.

Mobile Apps to choose from:

1. VoiceThread

Using VoiceThread you will create a presentation that reflects your knowledge of Shakespeare.

You can create a slideshow with audio, make a "flip book" with narration, etc. I encourage you to share your VT with your classmates, so they may add comments or make suggestions (Note: you will not get extra marks for doing this, it is just a suggestion). This App is free to use of course, you just have to make an account. For those who don't feel  comfortable speaking in front of the class, I suggest you use VoiceThread for your presentation. If you choose to go this route, please remember to make it public so that I may access it for marking.


2. Prezi

Prezi can help you create more then just a slideshow.

By using Prezi, you can create a presentation that follows your pace. You can move along a predefined path, or jump around your canvas freely. There are many options to make your presentation interesting. You can move along from picture to picture while narrating, or stop to highlight a particular point. Prezi will help you customize and design a professional, but fun, looking presentation.


3. Storykit

Create a story book like presentation.

With Storykit, you can create a detailed book about your play and its theme. This app is fairly easy to use, you just have to drag and drop pictures and can include audio or text to narrate through your "story". Overall, this is very straightforward and user-friendly iPad tool.


4. SlideShark

Make a multimedia-rich powerpoint on your iPad

This app allows you to share your Powerpoint creations from any iPad, iPhone or iPod. It is compatible with desktop creations, converting your creation to a tablet-ready format. A great benefit of this app is the full control you are given over your presentation. By simply swiping or tapping your screen, you can switch slides without the use of a keyboard. You can connect your device to a projector or a TV to present your Powerpoint to the class.


5. SlideRocket

Build an original presentation from start to finish

Create a presentation using more than just images and text. Using flickr images, flash animations and YouTube videos, you can create a project that is compatible with both Google Docs and Powerpoint. Also, using social media-friendly plug-ins, this app allows you to incorporate live Twitter or Facebook feeds into your project.

The due Date for this project is April 10!
You must email me your project on April 9 by 8 pm!
Presentations will take place from April 10 - 14.

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