Growing Plants in Salt Tap and Sugar Water

By, Riley room 19


What plant will grow faster? The plant that is watered with tap water, salt water, or sugar water?

Hypothesis: If I water 3 of the same plants with different liquids, I think that the tap water one will grow more because the tap water is fresh and has nutrient

Variable:Manipulated * salt water* sugar water* tap water

Controlled* seeds* size of the jar* water* soil
Responding The amount of growth.


3 cups of soil 3 jars5 table spoons of sugar5 table spoons of salt 2 table spoons of sugar 2 table spoons of salt1 package of forget me knots ( seeds )1 bottle of water2 bowls2 spoons

Procedure: Gather the materials .Put 1 cup of soil into each jar.Cover the seeds lightly with soil.Now mix the sugar and water and the salt and water in two different bowls.Next water each jar with a different liquid .Water them with 2 table spoons of the different liquids once every other day.Observe the results over many days.Graph and take pictures of the results.

Conclusion:My hypothesis was right. The tap water plant grew more because the water was clean. The salt and sugar water plants didn't grow. The salt and sugar solution have small minerals that block the roots so the water can't go through.

Reaserch:The plant is most likely to grow in tap water because the nutrient in the water will help the roots grow. But the salt and sugar partials might clump up in the roots and stop it from growing. Watering the plants with sugar or slat water might stop it from growing. The sugar will grow mold. Because the sugar roots in the soil and might kill the plant. This also depends on the seeds. Land plants will topically be killed with salt water. Also some costal plants grow in salt water. Watering plants with salt water causes physical damage to the growing system. Preventing the plant to absorb fresh water and nutrient.

* The tap water is relatively harmful free of chemicals. This allows the water to flow thro the plant and roots and help it grow.
* The sugar water draws moister away from the plants roots. Stopping the plant growth growing mold. But the soil will stay wet because it won't transfer to the soil.
* The salt water is harmful to most plants because sometimes salt is in weed killer witch obviously kills plants. The salt absorbs the nutrient that the plant needs to grow