I came back!

         When I was in the beginning of ESL (English as a Second Language) I had to create this blog to post something that I thought that could be interesting. However, after this first level, I did not kept posting it. Nowadays, after 5 months, I am in EAP (English for Academic Purpose) and my new teacher asked for us create Tackk because it's good to learning and practice more English. Thus, here I am again in the same account!

          I have been in Thunder Bay for 7 months already. I think the time is being fast. Probably, it is because everything here is nice and I'm enjoying each second!

          I can write brief comments about how was my time in Canada since when I stopped to write.

          I remember that I was in Oshawa for Christmas time (and my birthday as well!). I really liked there! It seems like Thunder Bay but more warm (of course) and a little bit bigger, with a great vantage that is a city next to Toronto. After that, for New Year, my friends (Gabriel, Wana, Carol, Rafaela) and I went to Toronto and we stayed there for other one week. I visit some beautiful places each: CN Tower, Casa Loma, Royal Ontario Museum, and Ontario Science Centre.

In CN Tower

          Also, something so important that happened to me was in March when my dad came here to visit me! He stayed with me during 2 weeks and I loved it! I slept and wake up with him, it was the best thing for me so far! I spent a lot of time with him, and I wanted more. Unfortunately, it was impossible and my dad had to go back to Brazil.

At Confederation College

         In spring break, I travelled again. I went to Montreal and was fantastic! People there dress very well and the environment seem Europe. I visited some places as well: Notre Dame Basilica, Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Planetarium, Biodome. Everything is beautiful, but I was in love with Cirque du Soleil. Such an unbelievable thing!

Cirque du Soleil

I wish I have wonderful next months too!