Medical Inventory Control Software – Unbiased Reviews of the Top Brands

As a healthcare facility, you and your team would already have realised by now that supply chain management for your hospital is not going to be an easy task. There are going to be many hurdles along the way to achieving a smooth flow of essentials throughout your facility while ensuring minimum amount of wastage. You must also have understood the sheer level of importance that supply chain management holds in the day to day running of your enterprise. This is why having the best technology by your side can be the right way to go. The Medical inventory control softwares that are now available in the market claim to help in streamlining this function and maintaining minimum wastage of resources. Here is a basic roundup of the most popular brands out there. These will help you determine which one possesses the best features for being deployed in your organisation.

Visual Inventory Control

This software has done many rounds in the healthcare circuit and is considered to be ideal for small healthcare businesses. The medical inventory software offers a variety of features that will come in handy while handling the supply chain management function on a smaller scale. These include stock control, serial number tracking, contact management, purchasing with the creation of detailed purchase orders from top level assemblies, purchase receipts, accounts payable, sales orders, shipping and accounts receivable. Manage multiple vendors for common items, tracking order history.

SupplyPro Software

Considered by many as THE BEST medical inventory control software that the market has to offer, this creation from Decision Software Systems is being adopted by healthcare institutions around the world. The application has been especially designed for the medical/surgical/dental community and offers customised features to suit the specific supply chain management needs of each of these medical fields. The system is easy to use and offers a comprehensive solution to all the requirements that a medical institution, whether large or small, might have in relation to inventory management. Cloud web hosting options are an added advantage that will allow users to maintain data integrity and help streamline storage.

AIMS Software

This software has been designed and developed by Phoenix Data Systems and is best for asset management in healthcare institutions. The medical inventory software links you real-time to your entire AIMS database via the Internet. It is a true web application, enabling the data to be stored centrally and accessed via a web-browser; there is no client software to install. If you own a Biomedical Engineering or Facilities Engineering enterprise, this is the software that will be best for your needs.

Apart from these three, there are many other options that you can think of when it comes to the medical inventory software that you can deploy in your enterprise. BarCloud Online Inventory, Anytime Assets, ArbiMed Inventory and DoxCity are other names with potential. But the above three are the very best systems available in the market today.

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