Freezille park
Ashlyn Myers , Emma Stanton , Abigail Andrews

Hi this is Ashlyn Myers , Emma Stanton , and Abigail Andrews speaking we will be telling you all about the new Freezville Park  on Saturn the fourth Gas Giant. First off let us tell you what is outside , theres a park for children and ice benches for adults. Inside there 's a Ice Sculpting store , with sculptures $20.oo or less , there ' s  and an Ice Mosaic store with Ice Mosaics $30.00 or less  , Ice Skating Rink to sake for $10.00 per family , an ice ceream and sowcone store with everything FREE !!! Go to Saturn Avenue the web page is our Email Sunday - Saturday we are open 9  am -9 pm . Again this is Ashlyn Myers , Emma Stanton ,  and  Abigail Andrews speaking from Hello and Goodbye .