Lawrence's Poetry Portfolio

Poem #1 - Haiku


I love Rubik's cubes

I'm best at math and music

Comic book lover

Poem #2 - Acrostic

Longing to play games

Always forgets the "N" in "Lawrence"

Was born with a music talent

Rubik's cubes

Elementary school

Never remembers

Constantly try to break a record for Rubik's cubes

Exclusive to self (Independent)

Poem #3 - Limerick

There once was a boy named Kirk,

And in the girls' restroom he lurked,

He sat on a toilet

He fell and girls boiled it

And when the class found out they smirked.

Diamante Poem


Annoying, Awkward

Reading, Writing, "Listening"

Students, Teachers, Parents, Guardians

Playing, Relaxing, Eating

Fun, Awesome


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