Bud Not Buddy

By Christopher Paul Curtis

Why You Should Read It

Do you want a good book to read well I suggest Bud Not Buddy. Also if you like real stories its even more perfect for you and it has some part that are unspent but you have to read the book to find out.     


The whole plot of the story is about this kid named Bud and his mom died and he is living in a home but he get adopted and he does not like his owners and his owners do something bad to him but you have to read it to know. He always is on the lame sometime in the story trying to find his dad. But I'm not going to tell you that either.


The main charterer is Bud and the people who adopted he are the Amos and his dad is wait I am not telling but he does meet some nice people that are in a band Steddy Eddie, Herman E. Calloway,  Ms. Thomas and more. Also one of the names I listed might be his dad.  


The setting is in a place called flint and when buds on a lame he end up in a place called Grand Rapids.


Will Bud find his dad read Bud Not Buddy to find out.