1. Driver license

2. 2 animals per home

3. 21 to drink

4. No tobacco use

5. No drinking and driving

6. No child abuse

7. No violence

8. Attend school K-12/college

9. No littering

10. No drug use

The government makes the laws

Police officers enforce them


If you break the law you 1st time pay rent, 2nd rent goes up 3rd go to jail

The judge (court system)

Yes everyone has their own freedom


K-12 will all be in one school

College or community college

K-8th- Art, music, gym, math, reading/English, science, social studies

9th-12th- Parenting, foods, keyboarding, english/young adult lit, reading, algebra, geometry, physical science, global science, biology, us history, world history, government, creative writing.

Be more successful in the future

Every student will attend and have to graduate and move on to college. They have to have a career.

College- Bachelors degree minimum-PHD

Community College- Associates degree

K-12 is free you only have to pay lunch

College you have to pay for books and room and board.


All families will interact with each other

Family's will be open if they have any concerns or issues

  • Co-parenting system
  • Discipline
  • You choice amount of child you want to have
  • Needs must be met
  • Able to express sexual orientation
  • Same sex couples can have family also
  • Open relationship- You are able to be open and share any thoughts, feelings and/or ideas
  • Being able to live comfortable
  • Providing 3 meals a day


  • Friendly and welcoming
  • No violence
  • Everyone lives in a house
  • Size varies on size of family
  • All neighborhoods are in courts
  • Separated enough for privacy
  • Have driveways
  • Yards
  • Community pools
  • Park
  • Each community has different activities to do 2 times a week


1.) Government Officials

  • Judges: Masters degree
  • Courthouse employees: Associates degree
  • Police officers: 1 year of training/ drills / general education
  • Firefighters: 1 year of training/ drills / general education

Employees that work for the government and get paid from the government

Requirements: Must meet the amount of training or college degree

2.) Teacher/Professor

  • To teach students knowledge; Math, science, reading/english, social studies, applied learning
  • Someone who is caring and pushes for success
  • People with 4 year degree in teaching typically get the job
  • You have an interview with the principal of the school you chose; if they think the job fits you they set up a meeting with the school district; if the school district likes you then you have the job.
  • Teachers have to renew their teaching license every 3 years.
  • Every 3 month teachers have meetings to be up to date on teaching curriculum. Teachers with the same grade level meet and discuss any issues or positive thoughts.

3.) Agriculture

  • Agronomy; deals with soils and growing of the crops
  • Horticulture; deals with cultivation of fruits, vegetables and other crops
  • Agricultural Engineering; deals with knowledge of farm equipment and machines. Also developing new systems.
  • Agricultural Economics; deals with business part of farming
  • Animal Science; Basically the breeding and caring of animals such as meat, milk, or fur

People that are chosen for this job are typically fit and can do hours of hard labor. Can learn quickly and have some kind of experience with planting and growing and are good with animals.

You are chosen for the job after you do the test. The test is hands on working in the environment for a day and later taking a written test on machinery and such.

Requirements: 14 years of age to start, minimum is associates degree/ maximum is masters degree.


All money is in dollars($)

The people work and pay taxes the taxes pay for public jobs.

Every job makes profit.

Transportation- Everyone is given a car!!


The community has 4 seasons... Fall, mild winter, spring, summer.

  • Every animal you can think of lives here! Your favorite animal will be your best friend! Cheetahs, leopards, lions, tigers, bears, pandas, etc.
  • Every animal gets along and are friendly.

Fun time

Certain things are offered for free

  • Cooking class
  • Family fun night (Fridays)
  • Child motor skills
  • Art class

Some things you have to pay for...

  • Movies
  • Dinner
  • Water parks
  • Camping
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Boat sailing
  • Canoeing

2x a month new things are offered that are free to the community

In today's community everyone has to pay for almost every activity you do. My community is different because you are able to have fun with little or no cost! We want you to get out an enjoy life any way possible.


You do get the option of a cell phone but you must pay the bill. Your only allowed so much usage because its better to communicate in person then by cell phone. Every classroom in schools gives each student a computer but you must return when education level is completed. If you want a personal laptop you have to buy it on your own with your own money.

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