Phantom Login Tools

AESOP - Place information for a sub.

Computer Sign In Teachers - District assigned login. Contact Mrs. Seybert for a password reset if you are unable to get into self-serve. (listed below)

Computer Sign in Students - Username: District assigned ID Password: 1st two letters 1st name (cap 1st letter) birth year 1st two letters last name (cap 1st letter) birth date

Destiny - Library Catalog - Teachers and students sign in with computer credentials to check out eBooks, create an electronic book list. Download BryteWave app to read eBooks on mobile device or desktop. To locate URL needed for account set up, go to your campus Destiny account and click on Follett eShelf. Contact Mrs. Seybert or Mrs. Vaughn for assistance.

Discovery Education - Sign in with your computer credentials.

Edmodo - Sign up using the campus code, check with the campus IMS or a teacher who has the code.

Edugence - Testing

Eduphoria - Sign up for professional development sessions and check professional development hours. Computer credential sign in. - Middle school keyboarding, integrated technology lessons, teacher professional development. Sign in with computer credentials.

Office 365 - Email, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, etc.

Self-Serve - Change  password, update contact information. Contact Mrs. Seybert if unable to successfully login or change password.

Skyward Finance - Receive an email from the Finance Department with  login information. Place a work order if sign in credentials are lost.

Skyward Student -Attendance and gradebook, place a work order if unable to login, etc.

Work Orders - Sign in same as computer. Work orders need to be placed for Promethean Board issues, computer issues, login issues for Skyward system, phone, etc.