The Faculty of Architecture, has five main volumes, in which the following areas, library, computer center, cubicles, address, workshops, classrooms, school control, an auditorium among other things are.

It has two concourses, facing direction outdoor tables to work, fences work laptop connections. The second esplanade is between classrooms Workshop, this esplanade has a curved deck that show the reinforcements that support both have vegetation.

Volumes are two floors each, two volumes are separate and the other three are connected by a staircase, these volumes are the bathrooms, two above and two below. Recently the bathrooms downstairs were remodeled, change the floor, toilets, ceiling lamp was used for the roof, will soon also in the bathrooms on the second floor.

Opposite the faculty, two cafeterias, which feature a variety of foods and beverages. Also it has a stationery to school control side where kids will buy you need for your projects.

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