The Taco Bell cashier was having a bad night. Kathy was used to being teased and prodded, but this customer took it too far. She was just doing her job, attending to the cash register, when a boy decided to make a comment on her Twilight apparel. He had barely said anything, just a small whisper of “twilight is so dumb” as he walked past her to get a drink. Her back immediately straightened and her fists clenched. Her small pale face splattered with freckles twisted with rage, and she made no attempt to control herself. She was, however, willing to wait for a better opportunity to strike. She was observant, because she had to be. Kathy had a part time job at Taco Bell, and another, more unconventional job shoplifting designer brands. She waited until the boy’s order was up, and made sure to spit in his taco before delivering his food. Kathy got off work early that night, and made her way back home.

Upon arrival, Kathy unlocked the front door to her apartment and made her way through the living room. She set down her bag and bypassed the other rooms in the house, as she was practically running to get to her shrine. She opened the door and fell to her knees. The room was covered in posters of Edward Cullen, complete with a life-size cut out. All the posters and other merchandise that included Bella was either scratched out or made unrecognizable. Edward Cullen was Kathy’s, and only Kathy’s. Surrounding the cut out were designer clothing of all kinds. Shoes, pants, shirts, polos, watches, and even socks. Kathy spared no expense or risk to get her love these items, the best of the best. She always managed to steal herself matching attire, because designer clothes were also a passion of hers. Working at Taco Bell never gave her the means to afford them, but she was small and cunning enough to walk out of the store with enough confidence to pull it off.

“Edward, my love, I’ve had such a rough day at work. This boy even said twilight was dumb! I can’t stand working with the public, they’re such idiots!” Kathy spoke to the cut out with more passion than she had ever spoke to any living human. The cut out stood there, as Kathy spilled her heart to it, as she had done ever day for the past four years. She originally took the cut out from the movie theater during the movie’s debut, and was convinced ever since that they were soul mates and would be together one day. “I’ll be back, Edward, it’s time you get some new cologne.” Kathy rose up in front of cut out and quietly kissed it, then turned and shut the door behind her. She grabbed her bag and headed out the front door.

Kathy arrived at Macy’s near the mall and began prepping herself. She had searched for the product online, an exclusive cologne called Paco Rabanne. She made her way into the store, avoiding mainstream traffic. The security guards never gave Kathy a second look as she slowly walked her way to the cologne isle. She grabbed a box of cologne, and carefully slid it in her purse. Her small size and sweet smile eased any suspicion that could possibly arise. To remain inconspicuous, she grabbed a shirt and eventually found her way to the cashier. She paid for the shirt and approached the door, her heart beating intensely but keeping her calm. Edward would love this gift, and Kathy was excited to see his reaction when she got home and presented it to him.

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