Galaxy Dust

                                                                 by Caitlyn Grier

A speck of dust in this place,
that’s all we are.
We are so egoistic that us,
the speck of dust
doesn't want to think of the unknown,
the unseen,

the unknown is quite marvelous,
beautiful and never ending,
curving and bending.
Sending our minds
to a wonder of things,
things that we know we can never reach,
where we love to think of the unknown.
The unknown is mysterious,
and astonishing.
And if this is true
then why do we think of others as unknown
when their just another speck of dust too.

It’s because the unknown
is made of unknown peoples
and shreds of dust.
So when someone tells you
that you are nothing or worthless
just remember
that you are part of this universe.
You get to be an other,
you are a
mysterious, astonishing,unforgettable,
splotch of galaxy dust.

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