CEO of Business

What does CEO do?

A CEO’s responsibilities: everything, especially in a start-up. The CEO is responsible for the success or failure of the company. Operations, marketing, strategy, financing, creation of company culture, human resources, hiring, firing, compliance with safety regulations, sales, PR, etc.

What skills are required?

*A CEO must ideally be able to anticipate the future and design a set of strategies that effectively combat change and result in profitability in the long term.

*A CEO must ideally be able to take calculated risks after conducting an in-depth evaluation of the probabilities associated with the profit and loss outcomes of the decision

*A CEO should have an optimistic nature in general, and able to identify opportunities even within difficult situations.

*A CEO must be able to take timely action based on the environmental factors at work.

*A CEO must be able to effectively communicate with fellow team members and explore ideas and suggestions put forward by the team.

*A CEO must be able to maintain control over his or her emotions

*A CEO must be able to involve others in the decision-making process and promote a culture in which all the employees work as a team in order to achieve a common goal or objective.

*A culture of mutual trust must be developed by the CEO whereby the CEO is able to trust fellow colleagues and subordinates.

Educational Requirements

Business (up to three months or more)

Management (80 hours)

Communication (4 semesters or 2 years)

Organizational  Development  & Leadership (36 hour program)


When starting out they make about $100-125k

Later on the salary is around $177k per year

Future Outlook

How hard is it to become an CEO of Business?   It's very hard of course but the path itself is slightly easier than you might think.

How many CEO jobs are there?    There are millions of CEO jobs for business because every business has a CEO.....

Does a CEO have a long future, or does it have the possibility of dying away?   Being a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is managing the company.  Some are good, some are not so good.  If the CEO runs the business the right way, it will prosper and can become very profitable.  On the other hand, if the CEO makes mistakes it can hurt the whole business. If the mistakes are bad enough, the business will fail and be no more.


Being a CEO has many benefits, such as a company car and if large enough even a private jet. Also they have their own office which they can pick any decorative furniture they want not really having to pay attention to price.  CEO's usually have a security guard and several other security features in their business and home.They also have great health benefits and usually retirement packages.  Due to the complex nature of their compensation packages, chief executives are often provided with tax preparation services paid for by their employers.  Most of the time when they are fired, they get a severance package they involves big sum of money.

Similar Careers  

Vice President, President, COO(chief operating officer), Asst. Vice President, District manager  

Why did I pick this career?

What interested me was the fact that I like conducting business and being a leader.  I have never backed down from making the hard decisions whens others tend to.   I am career driven and ready to work my way up the ladder of the corporate world.

I believe I would be good for this because I've been told I'm a leader, I like taking charge and making risks for the better. I would like this job not only for the good compensation and benefits, but it is also something I see my self doing and enjoying.

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