Issue presented in the documentary affecting contemporary society.

In the documentary Super Size Me directed by Morgan Spurlock presents a serious issue affecting contemporary society. The issue that is presented within the documentary is obesity, it is a major issue worldwide because of the fast food businesses. Fast food restaurants can be found particularly everywhere you go. Morgan Spurlock the director, succeeded a 30 day trail of consuming McDonalds to experiment the health side effects that it can do to your body. The side effects has shown that it can ruin you physically and mentally. Fast food is known by many people and is consumed by many too. People tend to be eat fast food because it is fast, easy and also people often lack to cook. Fast food give you a high risk of getting a variety of diseases such as heart attack and stroke and reduces the lack of nutrients.

Within the contemporary society, the reasons why most people are overweight and obese is because of diet, lack of energy balance, inactive lifestyle, environment and genes. Obesity and overweight happens overtime but it’s not about being overweight that is the problem, but unhealthy is the major problem for long term. Health is very important, so its very important to be healthy by eating healthy. Everyone often consume in too many calories then what their body actually needs. A cheese burger from McDonald contains 282 Energy (calories), 12.4 Fat, total (g), 6.1 Saturated (g), 26.3 carbohydrate (g), 4.7 sugars (g), 672 sodium (mg).

Obesity and overweight is a very common issue which can happen everywhere and can be happened to anyone. It all depends on the person’s choice of what they are consuming, and mostly everyone is educated on what food they should eat and should not. The current society we live in is rapidly increasing of people who are overweight and obese. These problems can be solved, but slowly. The government should be able to educate more to the students at school, produce advertisements about obesity but overall letting people have the knowledge of cutting down junk food. Being unhealthy can increase the human’s life span and also reduce the active lifestyle.

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