"live,laugh, love"

Said by: Beyonce

I believe in the power of love ,the undying passion,
the soothing feeling you get to know that someone is actually there for you, the trust, the honesty, difference, race, religion.
I don’t believe in liers, thieves , taughtment.
I believe in acceptance,
I believe in different,
I believe in creativity,
hope, love ,loyalty,

And I believe in just being yourself and staying true to thy self.

live, laugh, love

"live, laugh, love"

by: Kaiona littlejohn

This credo really gets to me because God gave you a life to live so he wants us to be our selfs and have fun and cherish those that enter our lives.   These words are important to me because this is life and you should alway cherish great memories.   As I get older I plan to live by these words and stay true to thyself, but for now it seems to be going well.   Nothing should change about these words because you only live one life.   I believe that this will help shape my future I really want to be at peace with myself and hopefully be successful.

"live, laugh, love"

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