President's Day:  Who's My Fave?

Alright so it's President's Day, I'm not political at all.  I can tell you who our President currently is and name a few.  Although I'm not a political junkie, I do have my favorites.  All the Presidents that I like are all dead, but at times I will carry their pictures around with me in my purse.  Let me just show you a few pictures of them. Some, more than others......

George W. most often
TJ: rarely
Abe: occasionally
AJ: I seem to remember him.....
Grant, I've heard about him......
Big Mac: not in production any more....
Grover....also not in production
James Madison....wouldn't recognize him if he walked right up to me.
Woody is on a bill that only collectors have.

Any of those other bills not mentioned don't have US Presidents on them, sorry hate to disappoint.  Some coins have presidents on them too, but who pays attention to that?  Enjoy your day off and enjoy your dead presidents even more!

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2 years ago

I'm a big fan of Cleveland but haven't been seeing him in my wallet much lately... 😕

2 years ago

@pasto If Cleveland was in your wallet, it'd be worth more than a grand. I tracked one down once for a friend to buy. He paid more than a grand and I got a free pizza.