by Hannah Folk

  In France, Christmas is a time for family, gifts, candy, and Midnight Mass.  Christmas in France is similar in many ways to Christmas in the United States.   One important date in France is December 6th.  French children put their shoes in front of the fireplace, in hopes that Pere Noel will fill them with gifts.  On this date, Pere Noel travels around and gives each child a gift to open.  In France they call Santa, Pere Noel which means "Father Christmas." Christmas Eve is celebrated on December 24th and Christmas on December 25th. One food they have on Christmas Day is a Yule Log cake.  It is a log-shaped cake made of chocolate and chestnuts.  At our house we put the tree up two weeks before Christmas but in France they put the tree up on Christmas Eve.  Mistletoe is hung above the door during the Christmas season to bring good luck throughout the year. in France  adults get gifts on new years eve so kids can can have a day for christmas and adults can have a day for christmas.

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