People Who Made An Impact On My Life! 👐

By: Rania Droubi

Friends can change your life. I know that for a fact because my friends changed my hole life and the way I see it. Here Is how it started.

It was my first day of school at Verner Elementary I was nervous and scared. I came in the class and met my teacher and new friends. Then, sat down with three kids, Mackenzie Duren, Grant, and Alexa Mayfield. There was an empty seat though and no one sat in it. After a few minutes, a girl walked in wearing green snorts and a pink T-shirt with a bow on her hair. She handed the teacher a red ticket and said " sorry I am late". She cams In and sat down in that empty seat we had in the table. She looked at me and said " are you new here?" she asked

" Yes." I said

"what's our name?" she asked

" Rania" I said

" Want to play?" she asked

"Yes." I said

I am playing with a person I Don't know the name of.

" I am Jillian by the way. JILLIAN FOX! " she said

" nice to meet you." I said wile shaking hands with her. Since then, we became more than friends, we became sisters. I always played with her and I had lost of memories with Jillian. But it was time for me to go back to KSA. It was a sad goodbye because me and Jillian where like sisters and we had a hard time leaving each other. But before I left I gave her a necklace that said "Sisters" I still have that and she does as well. I know our friendship with her is a gift. Jillian taught me how to act with people and taught me to be nice and fair. She made a huge impact.

2 years later...

Now, I am all grown up! I am 8 years old. I am coming back to the U.S. to study there once again at the same school and I wonder if I would see my old friends back at Kindergarden. Once again, I come in class nervously and sat down. But this time, I don't have any fears of being alone. I was happy because I saw some of my old friends like Alexandra Duran. I saw her so far but I don't know if ill see others. When the bell rang I looked outside the door and saw Jillian pass by and waving right at me. I was so exited to Se her so I went out. I gave her a hug and we talked. I met new people like Alexa Mayfield, Maddox Daniels, and Natalee Willard. All of my friends taught me to be grateful and forgive people. One of the people that really changed my life was Alexandra Duren and that was because, she taught me to not judge people of how they look. Alexandra always told me to Be nice and thoughtful. There was also this person that touched my life and changed it. That was my teacher Mrs. . she always visited me and helped me with my studies and taught me how to act in front of people. She use to be like my nanny.

I was always moving schools. My Parents don't really care if I was moving because I moved to schools than 5 times and still fit in. I also had to leave to KSA to study there and I had this thought in my head where this is the last time ill see America. I really don't like to leave and say goodbye but now I am used to it. The day before I left school, I had a Surprise witch I didn't know about. My two best friends Leterica and Alexandra Duren took me to the library during class and they told me that that is what my two teachers said. We went to the library and read books. After an hour or so we went back to class. everyone was sitting down and doing nothing. I came in and sat down when I heard a huge scream " Surprise!"

I looked up and saw everyone smiling and my two teachers holding a book that said " We will miss you Rania" I felt special. I said good bye to all my friends and I took pictures. My mom came by school to take pictures. All my friends started to cry and started to tell me not to leave. I felt sad that they made me cry with them. One thing that I will always remember in these friends is that they truly meant to me and they made a really huge impact on  life. I was told in my mind that I might not see this place again. I had this fear that I wont see my dear friends.

3 Years Later

" I thought I'd never see you again America" I say as I look around the airport. It feels good to be home. Now, I graduated from Elementary school and now I am here to study again. I wonder how middle school feels! I came before school started. I came at 0June 20th 2013. I am now 11 years old and I am ready to live again. My parents always worried about moving me to other schools. they thought that would effect my life. But they realized that I could fit in anywhere at anytime. I was the One thing that made me sad each time is that I had friends that I would never see or hear of them again.. I would lose them over and over. I still remember each and everyone of the people I met.

Now, I need to start middle school. I don't have any fears because I know I could fit in. I was told to enter the cafeteria and to sit down. I walked in and sat down next to a familiar person that looked like Jillian. I looked at her and I saw that she was Jillian. I didn't talk to her but I wasn't sure she would remember me after 3 years. One of my friends called Alexa Mayfield recognized me. she came by and sat next to me

" Rania?" she said

I looked at her and said " Alexa?"

" Rania I never knew you would come back" she said as she hugged me.

" Haha, I never thought I would too" I said wile smiling. Jillian looked at me and didn't recognize me. Alexa looked at Jillian and said " Jillian, you don't remember Rania?"

" Um I think! She looks familiar" Jillian said

" Come on ya'll are like best friends. Rania, do you remember Jillian?" Alexa asked.

" yes I do." I said.

" Rania? Rania Droubi? " Asked Jillian.

" YES!" I said

Suddenly, Jillian hugged me tightly. " Oh my God Rania I thought I'd never see you again. I missed you so much. " Jillian said.

" Me too I missed you." I said

From there I started to be remembered by many people and friends. I started to make new friends too. I met my old friends at since kindergarten and also 3rd grade. I met someone named Katie Ray who was a person that helped me out and moved me from the bottom of the school to the top. She taught me that you don't have to be popular to be loved and now I know that. Me and Katie ray met in a very funny story. I was heading to my next class  which was writing class and I didn't realize that I was late.  Me and her where standing in a line and waiting when we figured that we where late to class. We started to laugh and talk and we just became friends right away. Me and her became like Beasties.

My friends really changed my life. There are more stuff coming in the future and I can't wait. Currently, we are all friends and I want for more friends to change me more. Without these people  have no reason to live.

1 Month Later