The Elite Fleet

First Class Aviators

Each week one grade level will pick a boy and a girl to be Adkins’ FIRST CLASS AVIATOR. The teacher writes -up wonderful things about the child. The write-ups will use the 3 Rs verbiage (I do what is Right, Respectful, and Responsible) and anything else the teacher wishes to include about the outstanding student.

We will honor the children on the Monday Morning Aviator News and take a picture of them with one of the Principals. The write-ups and pictures will be displayed on the wall near the front entrance to honor those two children all week long. The children will receive a special t-shirt and will take the laminated pictures and certificates home to keep.

At the end of the year, we will take a picture of all the “First Class Aviators” who make up the 2014-2015 ELITE FLEET! This picture will hang in our main hallway for years to come. Students will be able to purchase these pictures at the end of the year.

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