"42" & "Remember the Titans" Race/Discrimination Comparison
Sami Hudson

This movie was about blacks joining schools with the whites in Virginia. The football team had to mix too. The whites coach, Coach Yoast got told that black man was taking his place because there are too many white head coaches in the system. The black head coach, coach Boone had all the boys go to a boot camp. All the white boys were on a bus and all the black boys were on a separate bus. Coach Boone told them all to get off those buses and sit with the person he puts them by because they will be rooming with them. They weren’t getting along at the camp so he told every boy that they have to talk to every teammate of a different race. If they don’t they will have more practices a day. The boys got close at camp, they all bonded. When they got back from camp school started and parents weren’t happy about it. They didn’t want busing to happen. Gerry’s girlfriend Emma doesn’t like that he is friends with the blacks. They are playing on the field like it doesn’t bother them at all about the skin color. They are all working together. Some go the parents don't like that their son is playing with blacks or the blacks playing with whites. Coach Boone was at his house and someone threw a brick through his window. He wasn’t effected by it at all. The team has been winning games, they are undefeated right now. Gerry Bertier the captain of the Titans(white) kicked his best friend off the team because he didn’t block anyone from “Rev”. The day they played the Regional Championship game the refs were going against the Titans on their calls and then Coach Yoast talked to the ref and got his “Hall of Fame” taken away, but after that they started playing fair. They won the Championship and they are on to state. Coach Boone came home from the game and his neighbors were cheering him on, clapping for him that he made such a good game. Gerry Bertier got in a car accident leaving the school and he was paralyzed from the waist and down. The Titans finished with a 13-0 record of the season. They won state. The team came together and taught the coaches that you like a person on the inside not what they look like. The white quarterback “Sunshine” said he couldn’t play against the Marshall because he wasn’t good enough. So he had the black quarterback take in his spot. He had to tell him himself.

This movie is about this poor black man that wants to just play baseball, he doesn't want it for the money or the fame. He gets harassed every game by the other teams manager or the crowd. He was first playing with Montreal and the cop didn't want Jackie out on the field. He got offered to play with the Brooklyn Dodgers and all of the players on that team made a petition but one man didn't he thought that if they say he is good enough to play on our team then he should have a chance to show it. The second game he played with the Dodgers the manager of the Phillies told the pitcher to throw the ball at Jackie's head. The Phillies manager was calling out Jackie in not a nice way, distracting him. Finally, one of his teammates stood up for him and Reese played with the Phillies manager back in the day. They went to go Ben Franklin hotel in Philadelphia, they were told to get out because they had Jackie. When they were playing the Pirates the Pirates pitcher hit Jackie on the head. When they were playing the Cardinals Jackie was at first base and one of the runners stepped on his leg instead of the base. It was obvious he meant to do it. He had to get stitches from it. There was a whole crowd roar when he went out on the field. A bunch of people were yelling at him saying he isn't welcome, but it never got to him. Everybody on the team stuck up for him except one player. Pewee showed his friendship in front of the whole stadium so people in his family could see who he really is.

I chose this picture because it showed that the white player Pewee could handle being friends with Jackie and standing up for him. He wanted to show his family who he really is, what he is all about. He broke all the stereotypes in baseball.

I chose this because it shows how Gerry Bertier and Jerry "Rev" Harris come together as a team. They are showing their coach and players that they can work together so they can too.

I chose this video because the runner of the Cardinals stepped on Jackie's leg instead of the base and he was clearly out before he got to the base. Jackie got up and still played. no matter what they put him through.

Race is there but in some people it isn't. My family is prejudice like certain races because of how they were raised. They will keep that with them the rest of their life and that's all I have ever known. I don't like to judge people by what they look like.

I chose this picture because it shows that the "race" doesn't matter. Coach Boone and Coach Yoast worked together to make their team become undefeated. The team in the background is celebrating together.

There still is a race issue today, because blacks still don't get full attention in school. A white man shot two black men that stepped on his property, because that's how they were raised. People will never be okay with different races in America. Discrimination is still a problem today, because whites still vote for whites. Affirmative Action is an action or policy favoring those who tend to suffer from discrimination, especially in relation to employment or education; positive discrimination.

Race/Discrimination Changing Between the Two Films and Today

In the movie "42" white men didn't want Jackie in their area. People don't care today. A cop didn't want Jackie out on the field. Today cops do keep a watch out for blacks because there are stereotypes about blacks being druggies and not good for other people. Similarities: A white man "Peewee" wanted to give Jackie a chance. Today we are giving blacks a chance. People today still call black people out like the "N" word. Differences: A white hotel didn't want blacks in their hotel. Today they don't mind if black people are staying in there. Race and discrimination changes because whites have lightened up against blacks. Race is still out there. In the movie "Remember the Titans" the blacks came to join schools with whites in Virginia. Today we have quite a few races everywhere at schools. The parents didn't want busing to happen anymore, they didn't want their children to be mixed with the other race. Today it doesn't matter at schools of races are mixed.

Lessons I learned About Race and Discrimination

I have learned the race is just a name for people to judge quickly. Discrimination is just an action that denies human rights to categories of people based on prejudice. Prejudice is a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. DNA plays a role in race by the impressions of probable geographic ancestry.  It offers the means to classify humans which is more precise than broad phenotypically based racial categories. The DNA can give you a more complex look at genetics. Race is in a illusion because it is a thing that is wrongly perceived by the senses of a person. Race is also wrongly perceived in society. We do use race wrong because we do discriminate against other people. We are prejudice against other people and races, because of the different stereotypes against people. We as a society define race and use it in society, because human races are not natural genetics groups; they are socially constructed categories. Many people have mixed ancestry that crosses racial boundaries, but there are undeniable physical differences between people.  

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