Taylor Simon

April 16th, 2014

The fluff of his fur,

always calm

fast as a bullet.

A bandit mask over his face,

loved to cuddle.

Everyone's face lit up when he entered the room.

I can still remember all the times we spent together,

playing fetch with him,

and watching him chase after his toy at the speed of lightning as if he was on ice and

slipping on his all fours.

Just waiting for my approval to lay on my bed.

But then he had an awful cough,

curled up in a ball, laying by a tree.

Never scratched the door to come back in.

I lost a friend that day.

Finding him by that tree shattered my heart,

I had later realized that he's in a better place now away from all the pain in the world.

But all of me will still always love all of him.

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