Random Things

Keynote: Ipad app for presenting for your business or any other stuff you would present for. "Keynote is the most powerful presentation app ever designed for a mobile device. It’s the application you know and love on the Mac, but completely reworked from the ground up for iPad."

This app Corkulous helps organize information and share or present it. This is also a good app to use at your business. "Corkulous is incredible idea board for iPad to collect, organize, and share your ideas that feel completely natural."

Sadun's Whiteboard is a good app if you want to create and organize charts and information. "Transform your iPad into a presentation screen with Whiteboard. Whiteboard lets you connect to a TV or projection system using an Apple VGA or composite/component video-out cable and draw directly to an external screen using standard whiteboard markers and erasers."

Idea Boards is a good tool to keep reminders and facts that you might need or might forget. "A simple easy way to put your ideas somewhere. Idea Boards right now offers 4 unique drawing surfaces."

Powtoon is an great way to use a presenting tool and animate to get the viewers intention. This is a App that is free and can payoff in a big way. This is the best in my mind to present in a cool new way.