end of year persuasive essay

Why does the world need good people?

Every person has a good and a bad side, its what ever side they choose to follow that defines them as a good or bad person. A bad person is someone who is so selfish that they don't care about anyone but themselves and will do harm to others for personal gain. A good person is someone who knows how to put themselves in someone else's shoes; they know what it feels like to have harm done to them. Good people have a good social conscience and believe in treating others well for the good of the community.

We are all interconnected in some way either by blood, community, religious beliefs, economy or politics. If one person or a group of people are harmed it comes back to us in some way. If we choose the bad side and decide to follow it and others do the same, the world would become a horrible place. People would lie, cheat, steal, kill and torture. The world would be full of crime, hunger, pain and hopelessness. Where as, if there is an increasingly amount of good people, there would be trust, loyalty, respect and hope. People would be cared for and happy and would hopefully care for others. When one person or a group of people are doing well, the goodness has a tendency to spill over and affect others in a good way. The Hindus call this Kharma.

Granted there are still bad people out there, but we need more good people and we need to cultivate more good people. No one person can take on the world to change everyone to become good, but we can all start within ourselves. Each of us can start with small acts of kindness, showing respect, being polite and helpful and sharing with those who have much less than us. By planting these seeds we will spread good things around us and grow good people which the world needs for survival.

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