Mr. Beatty

Captain Of The Firemen

Indirect: People-Pleaser

In Fahrenheit 451 Beatty is indirectly characterized as a People-Pleaser. For an example on page 59 "colored people don't like Little Black Sambo." Burn it. "White people don't feel good about Uncle Toms Cabin." Burn it. This means when people are happy things run smoother, but when they are unhappy things don't run as smooth. Also he wants the other firemen to do things they like to do (burn books) so he is going to say things to make them more happy.

Direct: Pink Phosphescent cheeks

In Fahrenheit 451 Beatty is direct characterized by that he has pink phosphorescent cheeks. For an example on page 110 "Beatty's pink phosphorescent cheeks glimmered in the high darkness, and he was smiling furiously." This part of the book it was talking about Montag burning his own house, so when Beatty arrived to the house he was excited but feeling furious.

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